2. Simulation

First, we decided to design our signal analyser and to test it with simulated signals such as sine waves.
To do so, a VI (Labview program) able to generate a noisy signal has been created. This noisy signal is the addition of three basic signals and a white Gaussian noise. For each basic signal we can set the signal type, the frequency, the amplitude and the offset. For the noise, we can set the noise standard deviation.
Consequently we can insert the noisy signal into our signal analyser to test it.

For example if we set 3 sine waves with different frequencies and amplitudes we observe this spectrum :

Figure 13: Power spectrum of three different sine waves

We can also observe the spectrum of a noisy sine wave :

Figure 14: Power spectrum of a noisy sine wave

In the two cases, the spectrums match with the expected values (frequencies and amplitudes)