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ROQUE, Damien, 04/13/2017 09:40 PM

Examples (radar)

(Under construction 2017-04-12- first data set common very soon)

Hereafter you will find :
  • experimental data set that were obtained with SDR-radar systems;
  • processing output examples.

Experimental radar data set from SDR-KIT 2400AD2 Ancortek

Useful information about the SDR-KIT 2400AD2 Ancortek can be found at http://ancortek.com/

IQ data are recorded in MAT-file.

Data file Waveform Carrier frequency (GHz) Bandwidth (GHz) PRF (ms) Samples per sweep (-) Scenario description
2017-02-09-10-34-32 LFMCW 25 2 1 128 RC car receding in corridor (non moving environment

Examples of processing output

Deramping processing

Doppler processing

Widedand processing