Using a RALF workstation

RALF stations are available at ISAE-Supaero, they are provided with GNU/Linux Debian Wheezy or Xubuntu 14.04. This documentation is a short getting started guide in order to start working with RALF.

Login, home and network shares

You must login using your ISAE-Supaero account after choosing your graphical environment (GNOME Shell, GNOME Classic, Xfce). At your first login, once the access is granted by the LDAP server, a home directory is automatically created locally in subdirectories of /home.

Notice that networks shares are not available through NFS due to delegated administration of the computers. However, it remains possible to use network shares through SAMBA (use for example Gigolo).

Driving USRP hardware

warning. Beware of the transmission power !

  • Start transmitting only if 50 ohm termination is used (antenna, dummy load, loopback interface...).
  • If you are using a loopback interface, do not forget to connect a 30 dB attenuator.
  • Respect the regulation.

You can start by running and analyzing examples as described here.