You are on the Receiving and Analyzing Satellite Beacons project page. This project was done during the SCS Master of 2015-2016.

You will find below the table of contents of our project's report.

At first we begin with a state of the art of beacon reception. In this part, we define what is beacon satellite signal and why it is used. Also, a brief history is described to show how this topic has been developed during several decades and how its usages have evolved. Then, we describe briefly how beacon signal can be received.

The second part is dedicated to explain in details how we have achieved to receive satellite beacon's and the tools we have used in terms of hardware and software.

Finally, we test our satellite beacon power receiver, display results and graphs then analyze the causes of power received variation seen during this project. After that, we conclude with some remarks, perspectives and recommended improvements.

State of the art of beacon reception

History and use of satellite beacons

Parameters of satellite beacon

Reception of satellite beacon

Development of the beacon monitoring system

Detection of the satellite beacon

Beacon detection system architecture

Steps of the beacon Satellite signal detection

Software implementation

Overview and base script

Beacon receiving script

Tests and results

Testing the Satellite Beacons reception

Analyzing Satellite Beacons

Influence of the weather on the beacon power levels

Influence of other parameters on the beacon power levels