Submissions on

Submissions should be written in English.

Submitting a Bug

Before submitting a bug report into a project here, please make sure:
  • that you're using an appropriate software environment version (e.g., langage, operating system, database, etc.)
  • if your problem is related to GIT scm, that the proper binaries are installed on your host (see
  • And have a look at the tickets list and Wiki (FAQ, documentation, etc.) to see if it has not already been reported.
When filling a bug report, please give the following information with the description of your problem:
  • your software environment (e.g., OS, Database, langage, web browser, etc.)
  • a clear description of your problem, with displayed message, log files, error stack trace, screenshot, etc.

Submitting a Security Vulnerability

If you think that you've found a security vulnerability, please report it by creating a ticket and sending an email to .

Submitting a Feature Request

Before submitting a feature request here, please make sure:
  • fill the subject as a sum up of your description
  • fill the description as detailed as you can, don't hesitate to describe precisely how this feature should behave, try to add what benefits you're excepting from it
  • please DON'T fill the target version field: let the developers decide when integrate
  • please DON'T assign the feature request to anybody, let the developers deal with it

Submitting a Wiki improvement

  • When you edit a wiki page to improve its content, make sure that you fill the comment field with a descriptive summary of the changes you've made to the page. This way we'll be better able to "monitor" and "maintain" the quality of the actual wiki content.

Submitting a Patch

Changes should be submitted as a single patch file. Instructions for creating a patch using GIT can be found in the next section.


A patch file is a single file that will list all the changes made to Redmine. It is the preferred way to create and share changes to Redmine.