ATMOSPHEr - A Tiny Multi-agent system Oriented Simulator Platform for HMI Experiments - is dedicated to visualize and emulate the behavior of different kind of robotic agents.

It allows experimenters to easily modify the graphic interface {human-operator} - {multi-agent system} design and to change interaction possibilities for human factors experiments. Its generic character allows simulations in various fields such as autonomous vehicle supervision, air
traffic management, etc.

Under development at ISAE-SUPAERO, ATMOSPHEr is a modular open-source (LGPL license) software, based on Qt libraries. It uses XML and/or JSON for scenario scripting and pre-set design interface.

The provided HMI has been also integrated with larger simulation platforms such as MORSE, in order to take advantage of realistic robot behavior and architectures.

Get the source code using:
git clone http://sourceforge.isae.fr/git/atmospher

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