This is NSS V.0.0
NSS V1.0 is now available:
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Mission Analysis

Orbit definition, surface coverage, visibility windows, eclipse calculation, etc.

Structure - Power Budget - Mass Budget

Allow to build a light 3D structural model, defining subcomponant and their respective power and mass. Spacecraft mode can also be detailed, impacting power consumption (and dissipation) of each subcomonents.

    Access request must be done to your local supervisor (Access is restricted to Nanostar Members)

Dissipation Budget

Allow to characterise temperature reached on each node of the spacecraft. Allow to check that temperature operating range of each equipment is respected.

  • Manual Scripting (Scilab, Python, Octave...)

Link Budget - Data Budget

Estimation of the margin for uplink and downlink connection with earth must be provided. That allow to size the useful data flow that can be exploited. Required on board data must also be sized according to last parameters and data budget.


Visualisation allow team to communicate internally, to check and validate mission analysis and scenario and to get pretty communication outputs.

End Of Life

Nanosatellite sent in LEO should re-enter into the atmosphere in less than 25 years after the end of operational activity.

Project Management

Some recommendations for managing your project: work with a versioning syteme, often included in a Project Software Management tool that allow efficient and reactive teamwork... and communicate with any useful means...