Get repository:

git clone https://sourceforge.isae.fr/git/simusat


  • Change branch:
git checkout <branchname>
  • Active branch: master
  • Last developement done: Angel_Stage2019

Installation and launching

  • Installation:
Download the installer from: https://sourceforge.isae.fr/projects/simusat/repository/revisions/master/raw/Setup_Project/SimusatInstallerPackage.zip
Follow the instruction in the README 
  • Launch:
Two options:
* Use the version you have installed like any Windows program.
* Use the StandAloneVersion that you will find in the folder StandAloneVersions of the repository (this is useful if you do not have admin rights)


To take a look on what can be done, download the Quickstart manual

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Manager : Gateau, Thibault, Senaneuch, Lucien