Problem positioning

NOAA satellites are permanently broadcasting weather images of the planet from a non-geostationary orbit (POES satellites).
This project aims to:
• Build an antenna compatible with the NOAA/POES/APT system.
• Build a receiver of weather images based on our software-defined radio facilities.

Description of expected work

The different steps to conduct are:
• Study & describe the techniques used for transmitting NOAA/POES/APT weather images.
• Build a receiving antenna. The antenna will be installed on the roof the satcom lab.
• Develop a software-defined radio NOAA/APT receiver.
• Test the complete system.


NOAA Agency
System and signal description
Receiving antenna choice
Receiving antenna design
Receiving antenna building
APT images reception

Team members

Antoine Quéré SCS 2017
Joris Schneider SCS 2017
Supervisor: Tarik Benaddi - Télécom Bretagne

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