A Cubesat Project

Welcome to the Wiki of the first Cubesat Project realized at Telecom Bretagne ’s SatCom lab, at Campus Toulouse.

Here, a feasibility study for a Cubesat-type mission is presented, setting a starting point for future projects to be made at the lab in this domain.

Using the navigation bar at the left of the webpage, the different topics covered in this study can be accessed. First, the objectives of the project are explained, together with a brief description of the Cubesat concept and amateur radio (planned payload). Next, a full description of the mission design and specification, containing all the constraints and requirements for each of the subsystems.

The development, meeting all the specified requirements, is presented afterwards. In this section, subjects like the hardware choice, the software development, the power and thermal management and radio link budget are covered.

Finally, tests covering all critical parts of the mission are proposed.