Development of a prototype channel emulator for geo satellite systems


We are reproducing a model of the geostationary satellite channel, by using the facilities available in the lab with SDR hardware from National Instruments and LabVIEW.


Team Members


  • Eduardo Hugo SANCHEZ
  • Lili ZHAI


  • Laurent FRANCK


In this project we have used several papers and related hardware manuals as well as the ETSI's specifications of DVB-S. A list is shown as follows:


Cost Effective Emulation of GEO Sat Channels.pdf

User Manuals:

NI PXIe-5644R.pdf
NI PXIe-8135.pdf
EL470 IP Satellite Modem.pdf
EL470 IP Satellite Modem version3.1.pdf
EL470 IP Satellite Modulator&Demodulator Modem version4.2.pdf
Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers.pdf

ETSI Specifications:

ETSI EN 302 307-1 V1.4.1.pdf
ETSI EN 302 307-2 V1.1.1.pdf
ETSI TR 102 376 V1.1.1.pdf